Energy Saving And Frequency Conversion Wall Hung Boiler Pump

Production Introduction:

With stainless steel shield housing, completely separate the water and coil winding; no mechanical seal need, no leakage; with high tensile ceramic bearing and shaft, directly water cycle between stator and rotor to cool the system and lubricate the bearing and work quietly; 30 thousand hours long service life with free maintenance.


1. Energy saving &high efficiency
2. Shield type without leakage
3. No corrosion and rust
4. Full sealed and moisture-proof
5. No noise without vibration
6. Auto exhaust and free maintenance

Application Fields:

The pump is applied to water boosting and recycling under 100 ℃ and automatic exhaust, mainly used in gas or electric hanging boiler and other ground heating system.

Application limits:

1. Solid content<0.1%
2. Liquid PH rang 6.5-8.5
3. Ambient temperature range: 0-40℃, relative humidity less or equal to 85%, dry condition with less dust.
4. Working voltage: ± 10% of rated voltage.

Product Description

Model Instruction:

Performance curve

Structure Chart:

Installation Dimensions(mm):

Technical Data:

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